The adoption of electromobility is gaining momentum, and SANY has presented its latest fully electric trucks as a viable solution for efficient construction site logistics. The iONTRON offers energy efficiency, extended range, and zero emissions, making them particularly suitable for deployment in European markets, especially in urban areas.

iONTRON eMixer 408P

While the superstructure is developed by Putzmeister, the chassis is produced by SANY Group, the world’s third-largest construction equipment manufacturer. SANY has already deployed around 10,000 electric trucks for daily use in China since 2019, and now it seeks to expand its presence in Europe since 2022.

The Putzmeister P9G I concrete mixer superstructure,made in Germany, has already garnered positive feedback from customers in Norway, Iceland, France, Spain, and Germany itself. Apart from significantly higher drive efficiency when compared to diesel models, SANY’s electric vehicles offer quiet and comfortable driver’s cabs, providing an overall positive driving experience.

Valentin Kievel, a concrete truck driver with 15 years of experience, confirms this: “The power is unbelievable. I can’t feel any difference whether I’m driving off with an empty truck or a full load of concrete. The electric drive is incredibly powerful, and there’s no jerking from the gearstick when I’m pulling away.”

SANY eTRUCKS are designed to meet practical charging requirements, thanks to smart battery and charging technology. The permanent magnet motor, with a rated output of 250 kW and a peak output of 360 kW, is perfectly matched with the LFP drive battery. With a drive package capacity of 350 kWh, the trucks provide sufficient power for an entire day of construction site operations.

These trucks also showcase their practicality through various features, including advanced assistance systems such as emergency braking, ABS, ESP, blind-spot and lane departure warning systems, front parking sensors, and a 360° camera.

After completing four concrete delivery trips, Valentin Kievel reflects positively on the efficiency of the vehicle, stating, “A concrete mixer typically consumes 45 to 50 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. Today, the driver’s screen shows that we’ve used 171 kilowatt-hours, driven 110 kilometers, and delivered 25 cubic meters of concrete! That’s remarkable - no diesel mixer can achieve such performance.” For reference, 171 kWh is equivalent to the energy content of just under 18 liters of diesel.

After the usual cleaning procedure, Kievel’s iONTRON silently approaches the mobile charging station. Located beneath the driver’s cab and protected by a black flap, the charging port accepts one or two CCS2 charging connectors. The mobile charging station draws power through a 63 A connector connected to the nearby transformer station. Without any diesel odor or noisy engine sounds, the end of Kievel’s working day is now a much more relaxed experience.