Renault Trucks continues to advance its research and development efforts with its laboratory truck, Oxygen. Following an initial test phase in Lyon and Paris, the manufacturer is now entering a new stage with a second version of this electric truck, specifically designed for urban logistics. This new version, equipped with a refrigerated box, is developed in partnership with supermarket chain Jumbo and transport partner SVZ. Testing will begin in October 2024 in Amsterdam.

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Source: Renault truck press

Renault Trucks, Jumbo, and SVZ have combined their expertise to address the needs of urban logistics, developing a new 26-tonne experimental electric truck capable of operating in Dutch zero-emission zones. From January 1, 2025, Dutch municipalities may designate these zones to reduce co2 emissions in urban areas. This version of the truck will enable silent, emission-free refrigerated deliveries from warehouses to Jumbo supermarkets in Amsterdam during a six-month trial period.

Jerome Berthelet, Managing Director at Renault Trucks in the Netherlands, emphasised the significance of this collaboration: “The partnership with Jumbo and SVZ on this innovative project demonstrates the power of collaboration in achieving sustainability goals. We shared a commitment to creating a low-carbon urban solution. Conducting the pilot in Amsterdam, a city at the forefront of environmental management, adds substantial value to our mission.”

“At Jumbo, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and aim to be CO2 neutral by 2030,” said Wilko Maas, Fleet Manager at Jumbo Supermarkets. ”Supplying stores and delivering groceries is our daily task, and we continuously work to minimise energy consumption and our Carbon footprint. We are excited to be involved in developing an electric truck for last-mile delivery in city centres. The Oxygen pilot will provide us with the experience needed to prepare for the future.”

The prototype truck was built at the Renault Trucks factory in Blainville-sur-Orne, the first European plant to manufacture electric trucks in series since 2020.

Vehicle Adaptation for Urban Delivery

Oxygen was developed by Renault Trucks and 17 partners to meet the specific needs of urban delivery, combining safety, comfort, and modernity:

  • Visibility and Safety: Oxygen features a low-entry cab and a large windshield, providing the driver with excellent direct visibility. Multiple cameras replace mirrors for a 360° view, enhancing rear visibility and detecting pedestrians and vulnerable road users in blind spots.
  • Driver Comfort and Safety: A sliding door on the passenger side reduces the risks associated with traditional doors, allowing the driver to enter and exit from either side. The low access height further eases entry and exit.
  • Goods Conservation: The vehicle includes an isothermal body with directed temperature control, suitable for transporting 25 supermarket trolleys.
  • Urban Integration and Driver Comfort: The truck’s exterior and cab interior have been redesigned for better integration into urban settings and enhanced driver comfort.

Technical Specifications

  • GVW: 26 tonnes
  • Chassis: 6x2
  • Dimensions: 10m (length) x 2.6m (width) x 3.8m (height)
  • Wheelbase: 4600mm
  • Body: Fridge unit integrated on chassis, suitable for supermarket trolleys
  • Battery Capacity: 3 x 94kWh, totaling 282kWh
  • Range: 150km, adapted to SVZ’s daily deliveries for Jumbo in Amsterdam