Renault Trucks introduces a fresh design for its urban and regional range of trucks, emphasising safety enhancements for drivers and road users, particularly in densely populated urban areas. The new design draws inspiration from both light commercial vehicles and heavy-duty trucks, creating a visual connection between the two segments.

Renault Trucks has unveiled a fresh look for its urban and regional range of trucks, with a particular focus on enhancing safety, especially for its electric models. The updated design draws inspiration from both the manufacturer’s Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) and Heavy-Duty ranges, effectively bridging the two domains with models such as the Renault Trucks D, D Wide & C 2.3, and Renault Trucks E-Tech D, D Wide, and D Wide LEC. Alongside the design facelift, several new safety features have been incorporated to bolster the protection of both drivers and other road users.

The design teams have given a facelift to the D & D Wide range, creating a clear visual link between the brand’s Heavy-Duty vehicles and LCVs. The introduction of full LED headlights with a new C-shaped signature establishes a distinct visual connection with commercial vehicles. Moreover, the Renault Trucks D & D Wide models now sport design elements typical of the brand’s Heavy-Duty ranges, such as a redesigned upper grille and a distinctive “π” shape embossed on the front.

On the electric versions of the Renault Trucks E-Tech D, D Wide, and D Wide LEC, a fully painted front, including the grille, creates a striking visual differentiation. The grille is further adorned with an “E-Tech” band, adding a gradient graphic style. Notably, all these vehicles prominently feature the brand’s new logo.