Peterborough City Council has incorporated two 26-tonne Renault Trucks E-Tech into its vehicle fleet, a move expected to reduce carbon emissions by over 60 tonnes annually compared to the previous diesel counterparts.


Managed by Aragon Direct Services, Peterborough’s Local Authority Trading Company (LATCO), responsible for overseeing the council’s environmental services, these vehicles aim to offer eco-friendly and unbiased waste and recycling collection solutions.

The initiative aligns with the council’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2030, which encompasses the gradual replacement of conventional vehicles with low-carbon alternatives.

Initially deployed for garden waste collection, these vehicles will undergo testing for other waste streams in the forthcoming months. They come equipped with four 94kW battery packs, delivering up to 40% more capacity to support extended operational periods, accommodate multiple bin lifts, and handle the rigorous refuse collection process. Anticipated usage includes covering distances of up to 120km and completing up to 1,300 bin lifts per day within a ten-hour shift.

Aragon has aptly named these new additions to their fleet, aligning with their existing vehicles’ nomenclature. Among the lineup, you’ll now find Usain Volt and Electric Boogaloo, alongside the likes of Dame Vera Bin and Bin Diesel. Charging and maintenance of these vehicles are efficiently managed overnight at Aragon Direct Service’s Fengate depot, ensuring seamless operations.


Ian Spence, Director of Operations at Peterborough Limited, of which Aragon Direct Services is part, said: “These new Renault Trucks E-Tech eRCVs are the first step to a greener fleet for Peterborough City Council, delivering for our residents almost silently with zero tailpipe emissions. As we transition to a decarbonised fleet, our vehicles need to keep up with the demands of our operation, and the increased capacity of the Renault Trucks 94kW batteries makes the difference.”

Councillor Nigel Simons, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, Environment and Climate Change, said: “We are fully committed to reducing carbon emissions in everything that we do as a council and these new electric vehicles will play a key role in this. Residents may notice the new vehicles by how quiet they are. It’s fantastic to have them in our fleet and we look forward to monitoring their progress over the coming months.