Knowles Transport has bought its first electric truck, a 4x2 Volvo FE that is being used on a local collection and delivery schedule.


Source: Motor Transport

The haulier ran a three-week trial of the HGV and following a positive response from drivers and range concerns were alleviated, it invested in the 19-tonne vehicle.

Knowles has also purchased a 150kWh supercharger capable of charging it up within two hours.

“This is Knowles putting our money where our mouth is,” said MD Alex Knowles. “There are plenty out there marketing their sustainability credentials without backing it up with investment, Knowles is not one of them. We are really excited about this step into the future we are making with our new Volvo FE Electric, all the drivers in our fleet were keen to take part in our three-week trial earlier this year. This new electric truck will be the first of many for Knowles as we push forward on our road to net zero.”

He added: “The Volvo FE Electric will provide a perfect urban platform for Knowles, the 200km range of the vehicle makes it limited in its long-range capabilities; however it proves ideal for collection and delivery within the region where it will be applied.”