MAN Truck & Bus is set to introduce its new MAN eTruck tractor unit at the end of October

MAN Truck & Bus is gearing up to launch its new heavy MAN eTruck at the end of October. The company envisions that, by 2030, the eTruck will account for approximately 50 percent of new vehicle registrations in the EU. However, the success of the transition to green transport hinges on the availability of an extensive public charging infrastructure. To underscore the importance of this infrastructure, MAN and the German Freight Transport and Logistics Association (BGL) are jointly advocating for its accelerated expansion.

The new MAN eTruck will become available to customers in several European markets by the end of October. Yet, the transition from diesel to electric vehicles is dependent on essential conditions, primarily the existence of a comprehensive charging infrastructure. MAN and BGL are calling for political support to facilitate this expansion:

“Around 96 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions from our current diesel vehicles occur during the usage phase. Therefore, battery-electric drivetrains for commercial vehicles are the critical solution for achieving CO2 reduction goals,” says Dr. Frederik Zohm, Executive Board Member for Research and Development at MAN Truck & Bus SE. ”To encourage our customers to switch from diesel to electric trucks, a widespread charging infrastructure is an essential prerequisite. We urgently require a significantly accelerated expansion to reach at least 4,000-megawatt charging points in Germany and 50,000 high-capacity and megawatt charging points in Europe by 2030. Our e-truck is set to go on sale soon, and we now need the support of policymakers and commitment from the energy industry to ensure the success of the shift in road freight transport.” 

The MAN eTruck has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it meets performance, reliability, and efficiency standards, similar to today’s diesel trucks. This has involved extensive durability, load, and safety validations, including extensive road testing covering various conditions. The testing included the extreme cold of Swedish winters at minus 40 degrees and, most recently, the scorching summer heat of southern Spain at plus 40 degrees. These tests assess the temperature management of the batteries, charging management, and powertrain components, ensuring the eTruck performs under demanding conditions.