Mercedes-Benz Trucks, in partnership with Autobahn, a German Federal Government-owned entity, recently conducted winter testing of the battery-electric eActros 600. 


The trial, conducted in early February, involved deploying a prototype of the electric truck along a section of the A2 highway between Hamm and Bielefeld. With a semitrailer provided by Epoke, the testing aimed to assess the vehicle’s performance under challenging winter conditions.

As part of the testing, Autobahn used a brine solution, composed of water and salt, as a proactive measure against ice formation. This environmentally friendly alternative to traditional road salt was applied via the semitrailer at speeds of up to 80 km/h, covering widths of up to 12 meters. Independently powered from the tractor unit, the brine spreader was controlled wirelessly via a radio remote control. Test results suggest that the integration of brine spreading in winter service operations can be effectively handled with electric trucks.

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The eActros 600, tailored for long-haul transportation, made its global debut in October of the previous year. With series production slated to commence by the end of 2024, the vehicle boasts a significant battery capacity exceeding 600 kilowatt hours, as indicated by its model designation. Featuring a newly developed electric drive axle, the e-truck can achieve a range of 500 kilometers without requiring intermediate charging.