Mars Logistics, a logistics company in Europe, has recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Trailer Dynamics, a mover  in trailer technology. 


Source: Mars Logistics

Mars Logistics is developing a fully zero-emission transport route covering the 2,500km Turkey to Germany shipping lane. The first part of the journey will be covered by electrified trains, while the new eTrailers will take over the final section from Luxembourg to Mannheim in Germany, working in tandem with electrified trucks.

eTrailers equipped with the Trailer Dynamics independent drive control system are compatible with tractors from all manufacturers, supporting diesel, gas, electric, and hydrogen-powered units. The flexibility and versatility of eTrailers allow for seamless integration into existing fleets, regardless of the type of tractor used.

Trailer Dynamics’ eTrailers offer the choice between two battery models: the 400kWh or the larger 600kWh capacity, depending on the specific requirements of the operation. Equipped with these powerful batteries, the eTrailers significantly extend the range of electric tractors, enabling them to cover up to 600km. For companies that are yet to transition their fleets away from fossil fuels, the eTrailers provide an effective solution to reduce fuel consumption in conventional diesel tractors.

Mars Logistics plans to deploy the 500 eTrailers gradually across its extensive European network, starting from 2025. This strategic rollout aligns with the company’s commitment to sustainability and its dedication to adopting eco-friendly practices throughout its operations.