MAN Truck & Bus has taken a significant step in the journey towards decarbonising freight transport by commencing sales of its first heavy-duty electric truck. The initial batch of 200 units is set to be delivered to select customers in 2024, with a view to increasing production numbers from 2025 onwards.


Source: MAN

The new MAN eTruck offers daily ranges of up to 800 kilometers, with the potential to increase this range to 1,000km in the future. It comes equipped with high charging power, compliant with MCS (750kW) and CCS (375kW) standards, which allows for flexible charging port positioning. The battery technology, specifically designed for commercial vehicles, is manufactured in Germany.

The eTruck features a modular battery concept, accommodating three, four, five, or six battery packs, allowing flexibility in payload and build depending on the specific transport requirements. It offers various semitrailer and chassis variants, including those with very short wheelbases suitable for a wide range of trailer and body combinations.

To facilitate the transition to electric mobility, MAN provides a comprehensive eMobility Consulting service, including fleet consultations, charging infrastructure development, and digital tools for route analysis and planning. This holistic approach ensures that transport companies can make a seamless shift to electric trucks. MAN is committed to expanding the charging infrastructure, collaborating with partners to set up high-performance charging points in strategic locations across Europe.

The eTruck’s modular battery system and strategically positioned drive unit make it adaptable to a variety of applications while maintaining a strong focus on bodybuilder friendliness. The design enables shorter wheelbases, offering the flexibility to accommodate a variety of semitrailer variants within legal length limits.