Magenta Mobility has joined forces with Tata Motors to introduce 500 units of the Ace EV for intra-city deliveries in India. The company, which currently manages a fleet of over 1,200 electric vehicles in various cities, aims to significantly increase its EV fleet to over 10,000 vehicles by the end of the next year.

Tata motors ACE EV

Source: Tata motors

The expansion of Magenta Mobility’s fleet has started as the company heads for its goal of reaching over 10,000 electric vehicles on India’s roads within the next year. While it remains uncertain whether Magenta plans to explore vehicles beyond the Ace EV, the compact electric truck is well-suited to meet various logistical requirements. The rapid growth from a 1,000 EV fleet to one ten times that size within a year represents an ambitious target and suggests that Magenta may concentrate on a single vehicle for the time being.

Magenta Mobility currently operates across India, serving cities such as Bengaluru, Mysuru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi, with its fleet of over 1,200 electric vehicles. The company primarily focuses on e-commerce, grocery, and pharmaceutical delivery for their last-mile logistics.

Maxson Lewis, Founder and Managing Director of Magenta Mobility, commented on the partnership, saying, “With this collaboration, we will work closely with Tata Motors to explore new avenues for electrification, accelerating EV adoption in urban deliveries. Together with Tata Motors, we aim to enhance sustainability in intra-city logistics in India by reducing the carbon footprint in the last-mile and mid-mile freight segment.”