Mack Trucks, one of the leading manufacturers of heavy-duty trucks in the world, has unveiled its latest electric vehicle, the Mack MD Electric, at the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) 2023 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. The MD Electric is Mack’s first electric vehicle in the medium-duty segment of the trucking industry, marking the company’s commitment to a more sustainable future.


The MD Electric will complement the highly efficient, diesel-powered MD model, which has been in high demand since its launch in 2020. The addition of the zero-tailpipe emissions battery-electric vehicle (BEV) to the Mack medium-duty lineup aligns with the company’s long-term sustainability goals.

“Mack established itself as an electrification leader with the heavy-duty Mack LR Electric refuse vehicle, and we’re excited to add the MD Electric to our zero-tailpipe emissions lineup,” said Mack’s Global President, Martin Weissburg. ”This is another important step in our efforts to drive decarbonisation and a more sustainable future, and we plan to continue investing in technologies that help improve the environment and society.”

The MD Electric is the second electric vehicle introduced by Mack Trucks to the industry, following the launch of the Mack LR Electric in December 2021. The MD Electric is available in Class 6 and Class 7 ratings, with the Class 6 model having a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 25,995 pounds, and the Class 7 model having a GVWR of 33,000 pounds.

The Mack MD Electric will be powered by a three-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor and all on-board accessories are powered by Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) Oxide lithium-ion batteries, either in a 150kWh or 240kWh configuration. The MD Electric can be charged through AC or DC charging units, and the regenerative braking system helps recapture energy from the multiple stops the vehicle makes each day.

Mack has designed the MD Electric specifically for medium-duty applications, with a focus on reliability, durability, and productivity that customers have come to expect from a Mack truck. The MD Electric is available in 4x2 configurations featuring a sharp wheel cut for enhanced manoeuvrability in tight urban settings.

In terms of the design, the MD Series cab has a short bumper-to-back-of-cab (BBC) measurement of 103 inches, an industry best. The MD Electric grille and hood design were inspired by Mack’s highway model, the Mack Anthem. The MD Electric will meet the needs of trucking applications requiring dry van/refrigerated, stake/flatbed, and dump vocations.