Isuzu and Honda are unveiling the Giga Fuel Cell truck at the Japan Mobility Show which starts on 26 October in Tokyo


Source: Hyundai

Isuzu and Honda have introduced the fruits of their latest collaboration in the shape of the new “Giga Fuel Cell” hydrogen-powered truck The new truck makes its public debut at the Japan Mobility Show, which opens its doors on 26 October.

The collaboration between Isuzu and Honda began in January 2020, focusing on researching and verifying the compatibility of fuel cell systems in heavy-duty trucks and establishing fundamental technologies, including vehicle control. On-road testing of a prototype model, is expected before March 2024, with plans for the commercial model’s introduction in 2027.

This heavy-duty vehicle, with a low deck 8x4 rigid body, is typical for intercity transport in Japan. The boasts a range exceeding 800km, claims Isuzu. The Giga Fuel Cell incorporates an external power output feature, making it a versatile “mobile power station,” particularly valuable during emergencies.