Hyundai has issued a statement rebutting media reports it is planning to shelve the development of its hydrogen truck project in Switzerland. Swiss media, and some European trade press, had indicated the Korean automotive giant was pulling the plug on the project, though Hyundai claims this is “totally groundless”. 

Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility will further execute and develop its business case of heavy duty fuel cell transportation with the existing network of partners in Switzerland, says the company. Underling its commitment to FCEVs, the company adds it firmly believes that fuel cell mobility will play an essential role in decarbonising the mobility sector, in which the trucks have already covered more than 5 million kilometers. Neither Hyundai nor any partner involved in the hydrogen ecosystem in Switzerland intend to stop the existing initiative, the company said.

A new hydrogen production plant will start operations in Eastern Switzerland before the end of the year and there are an additional three hydrogen fuelling sites about to join the 11 sites already in operation in Switzerland.


Source: Hyundai PR