Foton Mobility Distribution has announced an extension of the battery warranty for its Foton T5 EV all-electric truck. Local customers who purchase the Foton T5 electric truck will now be elligble an 8-year/300,000-kilometer battery warranty.


The Foton T5 electric truck, a 4.5-tonne light-duty vehicle, is equipped with an 82kWh CATL battery that delivers 64kWh of power with a peak output of 115kW and a maximum torque of 300Nm. Even under full load, this electric truck boasts a commendable range of 180 kilometers, combined with a comprehensive suite of safety features.

This extended battery warranty is applicable to all new orders, dealer stock, and demonstrator models of the Foton T5 EV truck. In addition to the battery warranty, the vehicle also comes with a 5-year/200,000-kilometer general vehicle warranty.

Bill Gillespie, General Manager of Light Duty Vehicles at Foton Mobility Distribution, expressed pride in the Foton T5 EV’s market performance, stating, “We are particularly proud of the Foton T5 EV, which has quickly taken a decisive sales lead in the all-electric light truck space.” Gillespie highlighted Foton’s global expertise in alternative fuels, emphasising the company’s commitment to standing behind its products with this extended battery warranty.

He added, “Looking at the EV market here in Australia, this offering easily exceeds any other similar support available, allowing Foton owners to be sure they are investing in high-quality, yet affordable technology.”

Notably, Australian retail giant Woolworths has already placed an order for 25 new electric trucks from Foton Mobility, marking a significant step in the electrification of its home delivery truck fleet.

The Foton T5 electric truck offers versatility with a 3,500kg braked towing capacity and options for either 4,500kg total carrying capacity for car license operations or 6,000kg for light rigid licensed drivers. It is available in various configurations, including refrigeration and tipper versions.

For quick charging, the T5 features DC fast charging, allowing for a full recharge in just 1.5 hours, or 7.2 hours using the standard 11kW AC onboard charger.