As part of an EU Horizon Europe ZEFES (Zero Emission Freight EcoSystem) demonstration programme, Ford Trucks and Ballard have announced a partnership which will see Ballard fuel cells powering a Ford vehicle for the trials.


Ford Trucks unveiled its battery electric rigid at the IAA Transportation exhibition in 2022, now it has announced plans for a hydrogen fuel cell 44-tonner

Ballard Power Systems and Ford Trucks have signed a letter of intent which will see Ballard supplying a fuel cell system as part of the development of a Ford hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle prototype. The partnership includes an initial purchase order for 2 FCmove™-XD 120kW fuel cell engines that are planned to be delivered by Ballard to Ford Trucks in 2023. Ford Trucks is developing a fuel cell electric (FCEV) version of its heavy duty F-MAX as part of the project.

Ford Trucks plans to build and assemble the fuel cell-powered F-MAX in Turkey and aims to commence European Ten-T corridor demonstrations in 2025 as part of the European Union’s Horizon Europe ZEFES (Zero Emission Freight EcoSystem) project goals. 

Ford FMax 2

Ford Trucks developing a hydrogen FCEV version of the F-Max for European trials

Ford is joined by Scania and Renault Trucks in the ZEFES project, along with trailer builders, suppliers, logistic operators, and research partners who are working to accelerate the integration of zero emission vehicles for long distance heavy transport. In 2025, nine different vehicle concepts (four FCEV and five BEV) are expected to run over 1 million kilometers across EU corridors in real daily operations, guided and validated by a digital platform.

“At Ford Trucks, we invest in alternative technologies that will define the automobile industry’s future in accordance with our sustainability aims. Electrification, followed by hydrogen technology, is one of our top priorities. Our first Fuel Cell Electric-powered Vehicle F-MAX, which we will develop as part of the ZEFES project, will be a significant milestone. We are thrilled to be working with Ballard on this critical project. This long-term relationship will generate enormous value in the future. We have a wide range of promising technological talents and capabilities, and our work is progressing quickly and successfully. As Ford Trucks, we will continue to pioneer future sustainable transportation technologies with R&D investments,” said Ford Trucks’ Vice President Emrah Duman.

“We look forward to validating Ballard as their preferred fuel cell supplier and to support the integration of their heavy-duty truck platform,” said David Mucciacciaro, Ballard Chief Commercial Officer. “Ford Trucks is an important ‘platform’ win for Ballard and a key partner for our high growth potential truck vertical. We are excited by their ambition towards scaled deployments of F-MAX fuel cell trucks. Our FCmove-XDTM is an outstanding match for the range, refueling, payload, and packaging requirements of long-haul tractor customers.”