OHM Vehicles, a Singapore-based company, is stepping up to set a new standard for EVs in the light commercial sector. At the 2023 Commercial Vehicle Show, Fapi Motors, a trusted importer and part of Famalco Holdings’ mobility investment portfolio, launched OHM Vehicles and its flagship 3.5-tonne electric light commercial chassis cab in the UK and Irish markets.


OHM Vehicles uses a “satellite” manufacturing model, with principal production taking place in China and a range of partner facilities across Europe. With no legacy systems to contend with, OHM has been able to develop every aspect of the forward-thinking design from the ground up, ensuring it delivers 280km range and a generous body and payload capacity of up to two tonnes.

The OHM 35 BEV, equipped with the latest telematics and connected technologies, features the MY-OHM app and online portal. The app allows drivers to contact OHM’s aftersales technical service team, track and improve their driving habits, and remotely access diagnostic information about the vehicle. Meanwhile, fleet operators gain a comprehensive solution that helps to simplify driver behavior monitoring and the management of their commercial vehicle fleet.


The lightweight chassis and battery assembly have been designed with bodybuilder flexibility in mind, supporting applications ranging from refuse collection to dry freight, ambient and temperature-controlled transport. Equipped with ultra-efficient electric motor and inverter technologies, the OHM 35 BEV can maintain higher sustained speeds over longer distances than many of its direct competitors, making it a cost-effective option for fleets across all sectors.

Fapi Motors will use more than 25 years of industry experience to ensure the OHM 35 BEV leads the charge. Hermann Mallia, Director at Fapi Motors, says, “We’re excited to bring the stylish and versatile OHM 35 BEV to the UK and Ireland. Packed with the latest electric driveline technology, we are confident the chassis will deliver outstanding performance across a wide range of applications, helping companies to improve the sustainability of their transport operations.”


Hermann Mallia, Director, Fapi Motors