Electra Commercial Vehicles has announced a collaboration to develop electric air refuelling vehicles. This partnership includes Fluid Transfer International and Fluid Transfer Europe SAS, both recognised for their expertise in refuelling solutions and aviation industry body manufacturing


Source: Electra

Electra’s modular design and progressive engineering team worked closely with Air bp and Fluid Transfer to deliver this project under a tight deadline. The first vehicle has been deployed at Cannes Airport, with more expected to be operational across the UK and Europe soon.

Electra has integrated several unique safety elements in collaboration with Air bp. These innovations enhance operational safety and could potentially be adopted in the wider market. The development of this electric air refuelling vehicle is a response to stringent emission reduction targets set by governments worldwide. It offers airlines a viable solution to meet these environmental goals.

“This is another significant step forward for Electra,” said Ben Smith, Managing Director of Electra Commercial Vehicles. “By collaborating with companies dedicated to clean transportation solutions, we can accelerate the adoption of our technology and transform the way aircraft are refuelled.”

Electra’s recent move to a larger facility has increased its manufacturing capacity, positioning the company to meet growing demand for zero-emission vehicles. With its ability to incorporate unique customer features, Electra is well-placed to lead in the zero-emission vehicle market.

“This collaboration marks a major advancement for Electra,” adds Smith. “Combining expertise from various fields with our electric vehicle technology, we are poised to revolutionise aircraft refuelling.”

Key Specifications:

Refuelling Capacity:20,000 litres (Enables efficient refuelling for various aircraft types).

Battery Capacity: 210 kWh (Supports over 100,000 litres of refuelling operations without frequent recharging).

Charging Capability: 150 kW DC, 22 kW AC (Allows rapid recharging during airport downtime).

Electric Power Take Off (ePTO): 70 kW (Powers a hydraulic pump for smooth and consistent fuel pumping).

Battery Charging ‘State of Charge’ Lights (Provides visible indicators of battery charge levels, aiding in efficient battery management).