Designwerk Technologies, in collaboration with Kässbohrer Transport Technik, has announced it will be bringing a new battery electric car transporter to international markets next year. The company claims it is the world’s first all-electric vehicle transporter, with a battery capacity of up to 1000kWh. The first deliveries will go to German auto carriers ARS Altmann and Mosolf next year, with versions adapted to their respective use cases. Vehicles have been running in Designwerk’s Swiss home market since Q2 2022.

The electric Car Carrier from vehicle transport specialist Kässbohrer has been available to order since November with numerous trailer and body options. The mid-cab 6x2R canbe equipped with 1000kWh of battery capacity offering a range of up to 510km.


Designwerk first electric car transporter

Source: Designwerk PR

With a charging power of 350kW, the truck, constructed on a Volvo FM base chassis, offers fast charging, says the manufacturer, offering 80% capacity in less than two hours. The tractor’s four electric drive motors generate 500kW (680 horsepower) while using less than three times the fuel of equivalent diesel vehicles.

Four modular battery packs provide the essential energy in the model with a battery capacity of 1000kWh. Depending on the application, these can be ordered separately. As a result, there are variations with a base length of 18.75 metres and up to 19.75 metres. “We customise the Car Carrier to the customer’s unique demands depending on the application, ensuring optimal usage,” explains Markus Erdmann, Product Manager e-truck at Designwerk. 

The number of cars that can fit on the trailer is determined by the battery capacity and the position of the batteries on the chassis. In reality, the battery-powered automobile transporter is useful for a variety of tasks with 340 to 500kWh offering a range from 260-300km in an eight car configuration..