Cummins believes hydrogen internal combustion engines (H2-ICE) will be suitable for the 10- to 26-tonne GVW range, and showed a concept vehicle at the IAA Transportation 2022 exhibition.

The truck, which is based on a Mercedes-Benz Atego 4x2, is fitted with Cummins’ new 6.7-litre B6.7H engine. It is rated at 290hp, has a peak torque of 1,200Nm, and a range of up to 500km.

Speaking at the show in Hanover, Germany, Alison Trueblood, Cummins executive director – on-highway business Europe, said: “The H2-ICE concept truck puts Cummins at the forefront of this rapidly emerging internal combustion engine technology using zero-carbon hydrogen fuel.

“While Cummins hydrogen fuel cells offer a highly effective solution for specific applications within the truck industry, our hydrogen engines can also help accelerate fleet decarbonisation by offering a lower cost basis using more familiar engine technology.”

She believes the introduction of H2-ICE powered trucks over the shorter term will help develop the hydrogen fuel infrastructure to bridge the way forward for the wider adoption of fuel cell electric vehicles. “In this way, hydrogen engines and fuel cells are complementary technologies, working together to drive the hydrogen economy forward,” she added.