The transition to sustainable transport in Portugal is being driven by a new collaboration aimed at introducing heavy-duty electric vehicles for transporting IKEA products. This initiative represents more than a simple vehicle replacement; it requires cross-industry partnerships to achieve significant progress.


Source: Scania

In June 2024, the logistics company KLOG began using the first of several battery-electric vehicles from Scania to transport IKEA products. These vehiclesoperate from the IKEA Industry factory in Paços de Ferreira to the Porto Harbour in Leixões and to IKEA stores.

This collaboration between IKEA Supply Chain Operations and Scania Group began in 2023, marking a significant step in Portugal’s heavy transport electrification efforts, which face challenges due to early-stage local infrastructure. Similar electric transitions for IKEA product transportation are also occurring in southern France and Poland. The economic and practical viability of this shift has been supported by careful calculations of routes, energy use, and Charging times for the battery-electric vehicles.

IKEA Industry will implement a pick-and-drop solution to maximise vehicle uptime and avoid empty truck trips. The Portuguese Port Authority of Leixões (APDL) will provide charging solutions at the harbour, with additional charging facilities expected at the IKEA Industry factory.

“To achieve a real shift towards transport decarbonization, collaboration across the value chain is essential,” said Dariusz Mroczek, Category Area Transport Manager at IKEA Supply Chain Operations. ”Today’s initiative is an example of how we can reduce carbon emissions and find scalable solutions together.”

“Scania aims to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system. While the technology for sustainable transport is available, its deployment and scaling often require cooperation among relevant actors. This collaboration demonstrates how it can be effectively implemented and could inspire similar initiatives,” adds Evalena Falck, Head of Strategic Account Management at Scania.