In an effort to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable practices, Buckinghamshire Council has joined forces with Lunaz to convert its first bin lorry from diesel power to electric. 


This groundbreaking partnership aims to upcycle and electrify the 26-tonne refuse vehicle, with the delivery scheduled for the autumn. Funding for this project is provided through a grant from Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). 

The conversion process involves removing the current diesel engine and replacing it with a fully electric drivetrain. In addition, the cab, driver functions, and bin-lift equipment will be refurbished and upgraded to meet the latest technological and safety standards.

Gareth Williams, Buckinghamshire Council’s cabinet member for climate change and environment, recently oversaw the delivery of the first diesel refuse vehicle to Lunaz’s headquarters on the Silverstone Technology Park. “This is a very exciting moment for Buckinghamshire Council and a big milestone in our journey to cutting our carbon emissions and meeting our climate change strategy ambitions,” he said.

He further explained the advantages of this initiative, emphasising the broader benefits beyond carbon reduction. By utilising a renewable energy source, the council aims to create a more sustainable fleet of vehicles while improving air quality and saving money. Williams highlighted the financial advantages, noting that converting existing vehicles allows for significant cost savings compared to scrapping and replacing them with new ones. In fact, this approach retains over 80% of the embedded carbon in the vehicle.

Williams emphasised the importance of the partnership with Lunaz, stating, “Our partnership with Lunaz represents the best possible outcome for both the planet and the taxpayer. It also reflects our commitment as a council to supporting local businesses and employment in the area.”

This collaboration with Buckinghamshire Council comes on the heels of Lunaz’s recent seven-year fleet electrification program agreement with Biffa. This partnership solidifies its commitment to converting a substantial portion of Biffa’s 1,110 vehicles per year to electric power.