The Swedish dairy company, Arla, expands its green fleet with a new battery-electric truck for quieter, greener urban delivery.

Scania has frequently emphasised the need of collaborating with like-minded progressive enterprises in “smart collaborations” that may achieve long-term beneficial impact in its efforts to lead the move toward sustainable transportation.

 Arla, a Swedish corporation, is one such example; its own heavy transportation in Sweden have been fossil-free since 2018. With the acquisition of a new battery-electric vehicle for Arla’s Stockholm city deliveries, the dairy giant’s long and fruitful collaboration with Scania has been expanded even further.


Source: Scania Press Release

From early April, the electric distribution truck will make daily deliveries of Arla products from its city dairy to certain stores in Stockholm’s inner city. With three axles and battery power of 300kWh, the truck can drive quietly for up to 150 km on one charge, making it ideal for intensive urban assignments.

“It is fun to see that Arla has a high level of ambition, just like Scania, when it comes to sustainability and reducing climate emissions,” adds Fredrik Lundström, Fleet Sales Manager at Scania Sweden.

“Scania is investing heavily in electrification. We’re building battery factories and developing test facilities. Within a year or so we will also offer electric trucks for heavier regional transports, as we continue to expand the transport options for electrification.”