At The Algorithm People we specialise in fleet and freight transport optimisation, using powerful artificial intelligence to solve the complex challenges our clients face now and in the future.

The fleet optimisation algorithms we have developed will deliver breakthroughs as our clients seek to decarbonise their businesses, reduce emissions, improve productivity and maximise the utilisation of their assets. We are leading the charge with this unique and innovative approach, enabling our partners, fleets and end-users, to achieve their net zero targets.

As the fleet and freight transport sector embarks on the journey to decarbonise, a new layer of complexity will be added to the transport ecosystem as businesses transition to new vehicle types, energy sources and infrastructure requirements. Our algorithms are sharply focused on optimisation, a significant part of the AI landscape, and consider electrification, infrastructure and fleet transition to produce improved journeys, duty cycles and routes.

The Algorithm People

The Algorithm People

Source: The Algorithm People

We can optimise your business today, using our powerful optimisation algorithms and our award- winning pay as you go routing platform, My Transport Planner. Described as the ‘Netflix ‘of route optimisation by Motor Transport and having recently won an Innovation in Cost Reduction award at the Great British Fleet Awards, My Transport Planner is proven to generate savings of up to 30%.

What’s more, we can help fleets transition to carbon zero vehicles to meet your decarbonisation targets using our powerful algorithms and evidenced based analysis service. Our approach and award-winning technology is proven to reduce costs, increase productivity and cut emissions.

We have a five-step process to help you reach net zero;

  • Benchmark existing journeys and duty cycles, capturing distance travelled, shift patterns, costs and emissions, which provides a clear baseline to measure improvements by.
  • Re-sequence and optimise the order the jobs or tasks were done, to reduce distance travelled and provide more opportunity for electrification and other low emission vehicles.
  • Fully optimise the duty cycles, to not only reduce distance, time, costs and emissions, but with this step; increase productivity and vehicle utilisation, providing clear monetary savings.
  • We then take the optimised duty cycles or routes and overlay the new carbon zero vehicle types and show where these vehicles can be deployed effectively to maximise ROI.
  • The final step is to consider infrastructure, where this should ideally be located and how existing and/or proposed vehicles should interact, to optimise charging cycles and range.

Our tried and tested five-step process has helped many fleets and organisations transition to electric and other low emission vehicles considering infrastructure. Our unique approach using algorithms, can also generate monetary savings and make the transition to net zero partly or full self-funding.

We offer afree benchmark service, to validate the savings and efficiencies our technology generates, or you can try My Transport Planner out for yourself on a no risk, no obligation, pay as you go basis.