Shell Germany and Redos Group, a retail real estate investor, are partnering to establish 57 new charging locations at various retail sites across Germany. Each location will feature up to eight DC charging points powered by 100 percent green electricity. The companies are working towards advancing mobility transition and sustainability goals, although specific details regarding location and timeline remain undisclosed.

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These charging stations, as per the companies’ statements, will feature up to eight DC charging points with power outputs ranging from 150 to 400 kW, and they will exclusively use 100 percent green electricity.

Lucas Wilbers, Associate Director Asset Management at Redos, commented on the initiative, stating, “With our locations, we have leverage to actively shape the mobility transition. The ESG-compliant orientation of our properties is an essential part of Redos’ sustainability strategy. In addition, an existing e-charging infrastructure at our retail locations is a crucial service offering for our tenants’ customers.”

The specific timeline for the deployment of these charging stations and their precise locations have not been disclosed by the companies.

Shell has set ambitious sustainability goals, aiming to become a net-zero emissions company by 2050. Additionally, the company has plans to operate more than 70,000 open charging points worldwide by 2025 and over 200,000 by 2030. Earlier this year, Shell acquired Switzerland’s largest charging network, Evpass, which boasts 3,000 charging points. In June, Shell announced the opening of its first HPC (High-Power Charging) location in Austria, with intentions to expand such offerings in the region.