Woolworths New Zealand has pledged to transition its entire home delivery truck fleet to electric power by 2030. The announcement is part of the retailer’s 2023 Sustainability Wrap, outlining its progress and commitments in sustainability.


Source: Woolworths New Zealand

Approximately 300 trucks are expected to join New Zealand’s electric vehicle fleet over the next seven years as Woolworths New Zealand works towards delivering greener groceries to online customers nationwide. The supermarket giant, with one of the country’s largest home delivery truck fleets, hopes to set an example for other businesses to consider electric vehicles.

Spencer Sonn, Managing Director of Woolworths New Zealand stated, “The need for a low carbon future has never been clearer, and we know we need to take action today to ensure we’re leaving a better tomorrow for those coming after us.”

The commitment aligns with Woolworths Group’s broader goal to reduce overall operational transport emissions by approximately 60% by 2030 and decommission over 3,000 internal combustion engine vehicles from its fleet. Woolworths New Zealand’s initial steps into electric vehicles were supported by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), reflecting the aim to reduce risk for businesses investing in efficient options.