Welch’s Transport has announced the launch of its new microsite, Welch’s Net Zero, which looks to bring clean, zero-emission pallet deliveries to Cambridge businesses and organisations.


In 2023, Welch’s Transport is set to operate a fully electric HGV and a new service for Cambridge. This includes 12 pallet spaces, 18 cage spaces, 2-tonne tail-lift capacity, 9-tonne load capacity, and a 150-mile range, with the added benefit of solar charging for its auxiliaries.

”We understand the growing importance of sustainability to all businesses and are ready to work with our Cambridge customers to support them with their eco-targets. All organisations in the UK will have to meet Net Zero targets by 2050, and the ones who get ahead by investing now in greener systems will benefit both their businesses and our planet,” the firm notes on its new website.

In addition to operating fully electric trucks, Welch’s Transport is constructing a Net Zero Urban Consolidation Centre (UCC) at its Duxford transport depot to further aid Cambridge organisations with clean, emissions-free last mile deliveries. At the UCC, items ordered by Cambridge organisations will be collected, consolidated, and arranged for delivery via smaller, eco-friendly vehicles.

This results in a decrease in the number of trucks in the Cambridge urban area, as well as a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The loading capacity of delivery vehicles is increased due to efficient packing at the UCC, potentially resulting in a 46% decrease in the number of delivery trips, and an 88% reduction in CO2.

Welch Transport says its ’aim is for organisations in Cambridge to quite literally ‘share the load’ when it comes to reducing CO2 emissions.’