Volvo Trucks introduces a pioneering service to facilitate seamless access to a national network of fast chargers for electric trucks in Sweden. This innovative initiative, powered by renewable energy sources, marks a significant leap forward in promoting sustainable heavy transportation.

Sweden is taking a significant step toward sustainable heavy transportation with the launch of a national network of public fast chargers designed for electric trucks. Powered entirely by renewable energy sources, this charging infrastructure aims to support the transition to cleaner transportation. Volvo Trucks, as one of the partners in the project, has introduced a new service to simplify the process for haulers seeking access to these charging stations.

Plans are underway to open approximately 130 charging stations between 2023 and 2024. 

“This represents a significant milestone in the electrification of heavy transportation. Our customers will now have convenient access to public fast chargers throughout Sweden, making the transition to electric vehicles more accessible than ever before,” explains Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks.

The new service is inclusive, catering to all truck brands, and provides information on all charging stations suitable for heavy-duty vehicles, regardless of the operator. Users can pay for charging services through the platform, with plans to incorporate the option to reserve charging times in the near future.

“Customers will have access to reliable information about the location of charging stations for heavy electric trucks,” Alm continues, ”and they can be confident that they are paying a transparent market price, free from hidden charges. This step is crucial in making electric trucks increasingly appealing to fleet owners by minimising administrative complexities and allowing efficient route planning.”

Volvo Trucks is actively collaborating with charge point operators worldwide to expand the charging network and enhance the service, ensuring a seamless and swift implementation. The charging service is integrated into Volvo Connect, Volvo Trucks’ digital service interface and allows customers to locate and pay for charging services via Volvo Connect and a dedicated mobile app. The platform provides a digital map displaying available charging stations, with future plans to enable booking of charging slots. In its initial phase, Volvo’s charging service will grant easy access to 29 charging stations operated by OKQ8.