Team Global Express, an Australian express freight firm, has ordered 36 Volvo electric trucks. This is Volvo’s largest electric truck order in Australia to date. The trucks will reach Sydney streets in the first quarter of 2023.

The transition to sustainable truck transportation is taking place in many regions of the world, including Australia, where sales of electric trucks are beginning to increase. The government has pledged to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. With transport responsible for 19% of Australia’s carbon emissions, and road freight accounting for 38% of that, pressure is building on the industry to transition to electric.

Team Global Express, an Australian freight company, has placed an order for 36 battery electric Volvo FL trucks. These trucks are intended for urban distribution and have a load capacity of 5.5 tonnes. They will join the Sydney urban pick-up and delivery fleet of Team Global Express.


“It’s clear that more and more transport companies around the world now want to start the journey towards electric, zero emission transports. Volvo is first out with heavy electric trucks in Australia and we are excited to work together with Team Global Express and other customers. We have the broadest electric truck line up in the industry, which makes it possible to electrify city and regional transport already today,” says Martin Merrick, President, Volvo Group Australia.

Electric vehicles emit no tailpipe emissions and make less noise than traditional trucks, which helps both drivers and city dwellers.

Volvo Trucks is the only worldwide truck manufacturer that already has a full range of electric trucks in serial production. By 2030, the firm is planning for 50% of its global total new truck sales to be electric.