In the first half of 2023, the Volvo Group posted a 253% growth in electric truck deliveries compared to the same period last year. The Group delivered a total of 1,442 electric trucks during this time.


Out of the 1,442 electric trucks delivered in the first half of 2023, 687 units bore the Volvo logo, while 748 units were from Renault Trucks, and seven were from Mack Trucks. Renault Trucks accounted for 452 light-duty trucks and 296 medium- and heavy-duty vehicles among the total delivered electric trucks.

Quarterly statistics indicate Renault Trucks outperforming Volvo Trucks with an internal delivery of 337 electric trucks against 417 units sold by the French subsidiary. Mack Trucks contributed five electric trucks in Q2 2023, following two in the previous quarter, totaling 759 electric trucks for the Volvo Group in Q2.

Moreover, the group delivered 165 electric buses, posting a 136% increase compared to the first half of 2022. Additionally, Volvo Construction Equipment’s division delivered 430 electric machines in the first half of this year, marking a rise from the 282 units delivered during the same period last year.

Whiole deliveries were strong, reflecting buoyant orders in the second half of 2022, order intake for electric vehicles in the first half of 2023 appears to have cooled across the Volvo Group - down 26% compared to the second half of 2022 and more or less flat (down 6%) on the first half of 2022.