Uber Freight and California-based WattEV have joined forces to launch Uber Freight’s first zero-emission electric truck pilot. The partnership was announced as part of a joint effort to advance zero-emission freight transportation. The companies plan to deploy electric trucks on select routes starting in Southern California, with plans to grow nationwide using WattEV’s electric heavy-duty transportation platform.

uber frieght

Source: Uber Freight PR

This announcement marks a major milestone for Uber Freight, as the company is set to become one of the first major players in the trucking industry to adopt electric vehicles on a large scale. “Electric trucks are finally here,” said Uber Freight’s head of sustainability, Illina Frankiv. 

WattEV is developing a nationwide network of heavy-duty electric charging solutions, starting in Southern California, designed for EV truck fleets. The pilot program will help the company expand its network as it develops routes from the Port of Long Beach to the Inland Empire and Central Valley, with plans to expand to North Carolina and Arizona.

The electric innovations from WattEV, combined with the Uber Freight platform, enable shippers like Chep, who the pilot project will be carried out with, to book, schedule, and complete loads while tracking status, loading key performance indicators, and managing paperwork all in one place. Uber Freight has built one of the most extensive logistics networks, with over 130,000 carriers and thousands of shippers, including Fortune 500 companies like LG, AB InBev, Nestle, and Land O’ Lakes.