Renewable energy specialist, GP Joule, based in Germany’s northernmost state of Schleswig-Holstein, has revealed plans to deploy 5,000 hydrogen trucks around the country, with the first vehicles hitting the road mid year. GP Joule intends to finish rolling out all 5,000 vehicles, supplied by start-up carbon zero truck produced Clean Logistics, by the end of 2027.



“The revolutionary thing about a collaboration between an electricity and hydrogen producer like GP JOULE and a truck manufacturer like Clean Logistics is that heavy-duty mobility is now becoming part of the new sustainable energy economy,” says Ove Petersen, CEO and co-founder of GP JOULE: “This linkage is unique and also very important in order to drive the expansion of renewable energies even faster without waiting for the expansion of the electricity grids.”

Clean Logistics will use heavy duty tractor unit chassis and cabs and equip them with fuel cell, battery and hydrogen tank systems as well as the specially developed axle with wheel hub electric motors and the special “HyBoss” control system.

“This framework agreement for the delivery of 5,000 trucks represents a significant milestone in decarbonising heavy goods transport,” says Dirk Graszt, CEO of Clean Logistics: “Together with our partner GP JOULE, we will ensure that hydrogen-powered trucks will soon be commonplace on the roads.”