Surecam, a fleet safety specialist, has recently partnered with Optimize, a leading provider of pay-as-you-go optimization solutions, to offer an integrated solution aimed at enhancing driver safety and route compliance for fleet operators. This collaboration is expected to not only improve safety measures but also lead to cost reduction, increased productivity, and decreased emissions for fleets utilising the technology.


Source: Opitmize

Optimize is renowned in the UK for its innovative web-based platform, My Transport Planner, powered by artificial intelligence algorithms. This platform has been proven to generate savings of up to 30% for organisations by optimising their operations. Surecam specialises in providing affordable, top-quality technology designed to offer real-time visibility into road activities through live fleet tracking and video footage. Its platform is acclaimed for its user-friendliness and effectiveness in enhancing safety on the roads. Offering dash cams and GPS fleet tracking solutions, Surecam aims to reduce claims costs and improve fleet productivity.

In addition to the primary safety and optimisation features, the collaboration will also provide supplementary technologies such as driver apps, customer communications modules, and emissions reporting. Furthermore, machine learning capabilities will be leveraged to continuously improve route compliance and driver safety, contributing to an ongoing enhancement programme.