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Renault Trucks and Geodis are working on a new urban truck design

Renault Trucks and logistics company Geodis are working on a partnership to design a new 16-tonne electric heavy duty truck dedicated to urban logistics. The so-called Oxygen Project will be designed to meet the requirements of city-center freight transport at a comparable cost to that of a diesel vehicle. The project, launched earlier this year, is a direct response to the changes that are occurring in urban freight transport, whether in terms of emission regulations, restricted access, or the proliferation of modes of mobility sharing the public space.

This vehicle allows for the integration of all requirements and functions of city-center delivery, including the removal of nuisances such as pollution and noise, as well as the enhancement of active and passive safety in order to better manage coexistence with other road users.

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Oxygen Project

Source: Renault PR

The cab of the truck has been lowered, allowing the driver a great direct view. A huge glass and several cameras, rather than mirrors, give a 360-degree vision. A sliding side door on the passenger side eliminates the dangers involved with opening a traditional door. The driver can exit the truck on either side, left or right. The substantially lower entrance height than on a typical delivery truck makes climbing in and out of the truck much easier.

To improve loading and unloading operations in an urban context, optimal ergonomics and better access to cargo space are sought after. Drivers may streamline their delivery operations and routes by using connected technologies.

Beginning in 2023, a prototype for urban deliveries will be tested in Paris. It will be manufactured at the Renault Trucks plant in Blainville-sur-Orne, France. This real-world testing will be followed by a phase of vehicle adaption and then a research to optimise total cost of ownership.