Quantron AG has announced a strategic collaboration with Norwegian Hydrogen AS, a producer of green hydrogen and operator of hydrogen refuelling stations, to promote hydrogen-powered heavy-duty trucks in the Nordic region. 

The partnership aims to accelerate the transition towards zero-emission logistics in the Nordics, which include Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.


Quantron AG is an early mover in introducing the latest generation of hydrogen trucks to the Nordic market. The company’s heavy-duty truck, Quantron QHM FCEV, offers a range of up to 1,500km depending on the customer’s needs, making it ideal for long-haul transportation.

Under the collaboration, Norwegian Hydrogen joins the Clean Transportation Alliance launched by Quantron and will be the preferred hydrogen supplier for Quantron in the Scandinavian countries. The company will supply green hydrogen through its production facilities, and the H2 refueling stations in the region will be operated by the newly founded subsidiary, Vireon AS. This will enable Quantron customers to benefit from the comprehensive Quantron-as-a-Service (QaaS) offering, which ranges from vehicle procurement and the corresponding infrastructure to the supply of green hydrogen.


Michael Perschke, CEO of Quantron (photo - second from right), expressed his optimism about the partnership, saying, “Quantron is in the process of setting a new standard in emission-free transport of people and goods. Our goal is to offer comprehensive solutions that not only include the vehicles themselves, but also energy deliveries and the necessary infrastructure. In Norwegian Hydrogen, we have found an excellent partner to achieve our ambitions in the Nordic market.”

Jens Berge, CEO of Norwegian Hydrogen (second from left), also shared his enthusiasm, saying, “Norwegian Hydrogen has established a dedicated subsidiary to build a network of hydrogen refueling stations along major transportation corridors across the Nordic region, and the agreement with Quantron represents a substantial contribution to our ambitious growth strategy. It is also a great recognition to be selected as a strategic partner by such an innovative and leading company as Quantron. We are also very excited to join Quantron’s Clean Transportation Alliance as a preferred supplier and enabler of the QaaS solution in the Nordics.”