Quantron AG has announced a joint venture with Goldstone Technologies Limited (GTL), India’s premier Business Intelligence and IT Services Company. 


Pavan Chavali Managing Director Goldstone Technologies Limited

The joint venture will develop technology to host and enable the digital platform for Quantron’s 360° ecosystem Quantron-as-a-Service (QaaS), which is an OEM-agnostic platform that bundles services ranging from vehicle deployment, route planning, charging or refuelling, use of filling stations, energy consumption, and performance measurement.

The joint venture aims to power the various services entailed in QaaS and offer them to customers/fleet operators and logistics companies in Europe, the Middle East, USA, and India. Through the mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) approach, Quantron-as-a-Service will provide its customers with trucks and buses at a price per kilometer, with the digital platform operating as a transaction platform where all processes are orchestrated in the background.

Under the joint venture, Quantron will deploy its zero-emission vehicles through the digital platform, while GTL will supply the software and handle the integration of the customised platform as a technical development partner. The joint venture will also cover the distribution, sale, and commercialisation of the software as a white-label solution to third parties. The JV will be established in Augsburg/Germany and Hyderabad/India, with plans to set up a US branch in Q3/2023.

The platform will also provide insurance (insurance-as-a-service) and, in the medium term, enable trading of CO2 certificates as a value-added service. The digital platform will allow customers to measure the performance of the zero-emission vehicle to increase efficiency, such as hydrogen consumption, kilometers driven, or CO2 mitigated. This can be used by the customer to trade GHG (greenhouse gas) quotas, where allowed by the regulator.

According to Michael Perschke, CEO of Quantron AG, the joint venture will be a key enabler for the transformation to zero-emission transportation, serving a market that is undergoing a dramatic transformation where logistics companies have an urgent need for decarbonisation and organising their business in a digital and more effective way. The market is anticipated to be valued between €150-250 billion by 2030.

Pavan Chavali, Managing Director of GTL, said, “We look forward to establishing this JV as a key enabler for the unique Quantron-as-a-Service software and transaction platform. This innovative platform will combine transaction capabilities from fuel (hydrogen) billing and roaming, fleet management, geomapping location services for hydrogen fuelling stations, service capabilities and many more.”