Nikola and E.ON have released further details of their co-operation agreement which will offer clients an integrated hydrogen solution where E.ON supplies green hydrogen and fuelling infrastructure, while Nikola supplies the vehicles.


By 2027, the cooperation intends to deliver green hydrogen to power up to 5,000 hydrogen-powered Nikola Tre FCEV trucks offering a range of up to 800km.. As a consequence, up to 560,000 tonnes of CO2 are predicted to be avoided annually by 2027, says the announcement, with more savings expected in subsequent years, providing a significant contribution to the EU’s sustainability goals.

“In everything we do, we look at the needs of our customers, who continue to be impressed by the innovative technology found in our industry-leading zero-emission Nikola Tre trucks. To ensure the hydrogen infrastructure is in place to support our customers, we are working with our partner E.ON on cost-efficient and sustainable road transport solutions,” said Michael Lohscheller, President and CEO Nikola Corporation. ”Significant interest in our bundled lease program consisting of the Nikola Tre FCEV, hydrogen fuel and maintenance is a game changer for the industry and is an added benefit as it simplifies and lowers the total cost of ownership for fleet and truck owners.”

“Our customers want affordable, integrated and, most important, green mobility solutions. As early as 2027, we could potentially replace over 200 million liters of diesel with hydrogen and significantly reduce CO2 emissions – and this is just the beginning. Together with Nikola we will create the first commercially viable market for hydrogen fuel cell technology in Europe.” said Patrick Lammers, COO Customer Solutions E.ON SE.

The joint venture for hydrogen logistics services will start operating beginning of 2023.