Iveco Group has reaffirmed its commitment to advancing the transition to zero-emission mobility in collaboration with Shell. The two companies previously signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at jointly developing low-carbon and highly efficient energy solutions.


Giorgio Delpiano (left), Senior Vice President Business Mobility at Shell and Gerrit Marx, CEO of Iveco Group

Gerrit Marx, CEO of Iveco Group, and Giorgio Delpiano, Senior Vice President Business Mobility at Shell, met in Turin, Italy, to discuss the progress made since the signing of the MoU. During the meeting, they reiterated their commitment to a collaborative partnership focused on the decarbonisation of the road transport sector, leveraging their respective strengths and shared values.

The collaboration between Iveco Group and Shell aligns with the growing demand for sustainable transportation and the need to reduce carbon emissions in the road transport industry. By working together, the companies can combine their expertise and resources to drive innovation and develop energy solutions that contribute to the decarbonization goals of the sector.

The commitment to accelerate the transition to zero-emission mobility underscores the shared vision of Iveco Group and Shell in fostering a more sustainable future for road transport. As they continue to explore business ideas and opportunities, the companies remain dedicated to addressing the challenges posed by climate change and working towards a greener and more efficient transportation ecosystem.