IVECO’s electric van, the eDaily, has achieved the official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the ‘Heaviest weight towed by an electric van’. This standard production electric vehicle successfully towed an astonishing 153.58 tonnes, surpassing records set by all-wheel drive electric cars. 


The record-breaking event took place on June 20, 2023, where the eDaily was hitched to the specially engineered IVECO X-Way Strator truck, designed for Essex haulage company G&B Finch. The Strator truck was capable of moving large-scale loads of up to 150 tonnes. The trailer was loaded with a Collard Group earth-mover weighing over 50 tonnes, along with an additional seven tonnes of ballast. To complete the 153-tonne road train, a fully-loaded IVECO X-Way 8x4 tipper truck and an all-terrain airport fire truck were attached to the trailer using a specialised towbar.

With precision and determination, the eDaily successfully moved down a 100-foot runway, demonstrating its towing capabilities and crossing the finish line in front of the invigilators. The van’s ‘hi-power’ mode, available in every eDaily model, provided additional bursts of power for demanding towing conditions.

The eDaily surpassed the initial target of 130 tonnes, showcasing its towing prowess and solidifying its position as a reliable choice for demanding towing missions. Cutts thanked everyone involved in making the record-breaking event possible, highlighting the collective effort that contributed to the eDaily’s success.

This milestone highlights the benefits of the eDaily’s body-on-frame concept and the immediate torque delivery of its electric motor, further solidifying its position in the electric vehicle market.