Hyzon Motors Inc., Raven SR Inc., a renewable fuels company, and Chevron New Energies, a division of Chevron U.S.A. Inc., have announced a collaboration to commercialise operations of a green waste-to-hydrogen production facility in Richmond that will supply hydrogen fuel to Northern California transportation markets.

Raven SR S1 LLC, a newly established corporation, will own the facility (Raven SR S1). Raven SR will operate the plant, which is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2024. Chevron owns a 50% interest in Raven SR S1. Raven SR controls 30% of the company, while Hyzon owns the remaining 20%.

The project would divert green and food waste every day from Republic Services’ West Contra Costa Sanitary Landfill into its non-combustion Steam/CO2 Reforming process, creating up to 2,400 tonnes of renewable hydrogen per year.


“Our strategic partners’ commitment to the first non-combustion Steam/CO2 facility in the world will help drive our commercial operations in Richmond and accelerate similar facilities globally,” said Matt Murdock, CEO of Raven. “This facility will be the first hydrogen production plant in the world to reduce greenhouse gases, including critically important short-lived climate pollutants, through its process and its product’

“We are excited about this collaboration and our expanded commitment to Raven and its waste-to-hydrogen technology,” said Austin Knight, vice president of Hydrogen for Chevron New Energies.

“This marks a significant step in demonstrating the commercial viability of a localized, low-to-negative carbon intensity hydrogen economy,” aid Parker Meeks, Hyzon president and interim CEO. “Through Hyzon’s partnership with Raven, hydrogen supply can be synchronized with the demand for hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. Raven’s deployment of scalable hydrogen production facilities allows supply and demand to grow together as clean hydrogen for transport continues to gain market and regulatory support.”