Geotab, a leading global provider of connected transportation solutions, has announced the integration of its European-based fleet management solutions with BYD Trucks Europe, a division of the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD. This partnership aims to deliver a comprehensive fleet management solution across Europe, ensuring data privacy and security within the region.


Source: BYD

Through this agreement, BYD’s electric trucks imported to Europe will be equipped with Geotab’s advanced telematics hardware. This hardware captures extensive vehicle data, which, with customer consent, will be utilised by BYD Trucks Europe to enhance vehicle quality, maintenance, and service management. The goal is to reduce both planned and unplanned downtime. Additionally, BYD Trucks Europe will offer Geotab’s fleet telematics services to its customers, allowing transport companies to access valuable vehicle data insights for improved efficiency, operations, cost management, and fleet sustainability.

“Our partnership with BYD Trucks Europe highlights the confidence in Geotab’s technology, which allows BYD Trucks Europe to optimise their operations and provide superior services to their customers,” said Christoph Ludewig, VP of Leasing/Rental/Mobility & OEM of Geotab Europe, commented. ”This collaboration underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality fleet management solutions while ensuring data security and privacy. We are excited about this opportunity to support the transition to fleet electrification across Europe.”

The integration combines Geotab’s advanced telematics hardware and data capabilities with BYD’s innovative electric vehicle technology. This offers near real-time access to vehicle data, analytics, and insights. All data is transmitted and stored securely within a European database. The collaboration between Geotab and BYD Trucks Europe provides a robust and secure solution for fleet operators transitioning to electric vehicles, enhancing the performance and sustainability of electric fleets across Europe.