The Department for Transport (DfT) has released transparency data detailing the projects which have been successful in securing a share of the £200m funding.

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Transparency data released by the DfT outlining who has got what as part of the £200m zero emission HGV and infrastructure demonstration (now called ZEHID - previously known as ZERFD) has revealed only the Gridserve-led “Electric Freightway” project is currently active, the remaining three projects are “subject to Innovate UK due diligence, finalising agreements and securing the necessary approvals”, indicating there are still a few wrinkles to iron out before the projects can get started. 



This is the first time information has been publicly released on the ZEN project, led by bp, will consist of both battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The Electric Freightway and Voltempo-led eFreight 2030 initiatives will be solely focused on battery electric vehicles and relevant charging infrastructure, Protium’s HyHaul project will demonstrate hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and the associated refuelling requirements.

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