Europa Road, a division of logistics operator Europa Worldwide Group, has taken delivery of its first electric truck as part of Vertellus’ EV Discovery Programme. 

Vertellus - Europa Fleet (Pic 1)

Source: Vertellus

The 18-tonne Renault Trucks E-Tech vehicle will be used to transport goods between Europa Road’s network of branches, providing insight into how the company can transition to more sustainable logistics practices. The three-month programme, which requires customers to contract a minimum of 3,000kWh per month, aims to help operators understand how EVs can be utilised within their business.

“The ‘try-before-you-buy’ programme gives us an opportunity to explore the strengths and limits of this technology, identifying where it can be most useful to us and will also provide us with knowledge on how we can adopt similar technologies into our future fleets, both domestic and international,” explained Europa Worldwide Group’s Operations Director.

Vertellus, an independent end-to-end consultancy service provider, offers insight, strategy, and flexibility to help businesses unlock the opportunity of using EVs. The company’s EV Discovery Programme is designed to assist UK transportation companies in achieving their net-zero emission targets.

Vertellus - Europa Fleet (Pic 2)[28]

Source: Vertellus

Nigel Baxter, Managing Director of Vertellus, said: “We are very proud to announce this major milestone in our company’s history and believe that it is another significant step in further assisting the UK transportation sector’s goal of reaching its net-zero emission targets. The EV Discovery Programme was created to offer operators with a unique opportunity to better understand how electric vehicles could be utilised within the business and we are delighted that our first customer is one of the most forward-thinking logistics operators in the UK. We look forward to helping the team at Europa Road further enhance the company’s decarbonisation journey.”