As orginally reported in out sister publication Motor Transport, North Yorkshire haulier Campeys of Selby has boosted its non-fossil fuel fleet to over 10% with the addition of six new Iveco S-WAY 6x2 biomethane (bio-CNG) tractor units.

The new additions take Campeys’ non-fossil fuel fleet to 12 vehicles, and are part of the company’s strategy to transition to a net zero carbon emission fleet by 2030, which the family firm said is helping them win new business.

The vehicles run on bio-CNG which captures renewable biomethane from anaerobic digestion plants before it escapes into the atmosphere and can deliver more than a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions, which Campeys said helps it meet environmental reduction targets without compromising on operational performance.


The units, which have the capability to handle maximum payloads and are equipped with larger tanks delivering a range of over 500 miles, will be used across the company’s general haulage operations including glass distribution and Palletforce network operations.

Transport manager Harry Campey, said: “Campeys is a forward-thinking and responsible business and the continued expansion of our non-fossil fuel fleet is a key driver in our sustainability strategy to become carbon neutral by 2030.

“While there is an initial financial investment, we will start to see returns after just two years so it’s both financially and environmentally viable. It’s also an important step to help decarbonise our customers’ supply chain and distribution operations.

“We are continually being asked to support customer environmental initiatives to meet their ESG targets and the adoption of this new technology is helping us both retain customers and win new business.

“Sustainability has a much higher priority on our customers’ agendas, and we want to be at the forefront of the sector to drive environmental improvement and strengthen our commercial proposition.”

Campeys has worked closely with CNG Fuels, which operates refuelling infrastructure across the UK, and its sales and business development director Peter Eaton added: “CNG Fuels is delighted to be working with Campeys of Selby and assisting them in achieving their ambition to have a net-zero HGV fleet offering for their customers’ requirements.

Harry Campey added: “Bio-CNG fuel through our station network currently offers a CO2eq saving of over 90% versus diesel and soon we will be delivering a net-zero fuel solution to all customers, as we transition to a manure-based feedstock to produce our biomethane. Our network of bio-CNG refuelling stations is growing rapidly, enabling companies across the UK to hit their emissions reduction targets.”