In an effort to speed up the decarbonisation of the UK road freight sector the Government unveilved an ambitious plan to carry out a series of freight trials. With the deadline for submissions closing on 12 October 2022, here’s a short sumary of the initiative - we’ll update this story when the next steps are revealed.

The three-year trials commit more than £200 million in government funds to start the world’s largest fleet of zero emission heavy goods trucks (HGVs), speeding up efforts to decarbonise road freight.The Department of Transport and Transport Minister Trudy Harrison announced in May that more than £200 million in government funds would be committed to start the world’s largest fleet of zero emission heavy goods trucks (HGVs). Plans to phase out the use of fossil fuels in HGV transport will assist to lower delivery costs while also protecting customers from rising fuel prices in the long run.

An open-call competition was launched for manufacturers, energy providers and fleet and infrastructure operators to showcase their green technology on UK roads. This will begin with demonstrations of battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell HGVs. The statement extends the Department for Transport’s (DfT) successful £20 million zero emission road freight trial completed by Innovate UK last year. Leyland Trucks provided 20 DAF battery electric HGVs for use by public sector organisations as part of these trials.


DAF_LF_electric on trial

Hundreds of zero-emission HGVs would be deployed around the country in a bid to understand the full total cost of operation impact of operating carbon zero vehicles.

”Our road freight industry is one of the most efficient in the world and contributes over £13 billion to the UK economy each year.’ said Transport Minister Trudy Harrison, announcing the trials at a Logistics UK event in May 2022. ”Our ambitious plans will continue to ensure food is stocked on the shelves and goods are supplied while eliminating fossil fuels from HGVs and making our freight sector green for good.”