Valeo and TotalEnergy are contemplating using a novel di-electric fluid to cool EV batteries. TotalEnergies has developed a di-electric coolant that is able to come into direct contact with battery cells. Valeo will utilise its thermal system expertise to design and build the best solution for integrating coolant within the electric vehicle battery pack. 


Pierre Duhot, Senior VP TotalEnergies Lubrifiants of TotalEnergies and Francisco Moreno, President of Valeo’s Thermal Systems Business Group – Sébastien Borda

Source: Valeo PR

This development would not only enhance the utilisation of electric vehicles, but it would also lower their carbon impact.

Current technology, fluids cannot be used to cool the battery from within. Subsquently, overcoming this issue thereby optimizes performance by conditioning it at the right temperature.

Valeo’s research under the deal will allow it to lower the weight of the thermal systems used to cool vehicle batteries, so considerably increasing the total weight, travel range, and carbon footprint of electric vehicles, as well as increase safety in reaction to the risk of battery fire.

“The dielectric fluid developed by TotalEnergies rounds out our TotalEnergies QUARTZ EV Fluid range aimed at electric mobility. It is a unique and innovative solution that aims to contribute to the decarbonization of the electric mobility sector – one of the company’s strategic priorities”, stated Philippe Charleux, Senior Vice President, Lubricants & Specialties at TotalEnergies.

“Helping to reduce the impact of mobility is central to Valeo’s strategy. Technologies that contribute to reducing CO2 emissions now account for 60% of Group sales, and Valeo plans to continue expanding its portfolio of solutions that promote low-carbon mobility.” said Francisco Moreno, President of Valeo’s Thermal Systems Business Group.