Trailer refrigeration experts Thermo King unveiled three new models in its Advancer series with the multi-temperature Advancer AxlePower, Advancer Spectrum and electric Advancer-e.

Advancer AxlePower is an energy recovery axle developed in partnership with BPW combining BPW’s ePower axle with a Thermo King refrigeration unit and battery storage. Energy generated while rolling or braking is stored in a high voltage battery which is then reused to power the refrigeration unit. Depending on the configuration the battery will provide an average of five hours of refrigeration.

The new Advancer Spectrum has a 48V DC mild-hybrid system and allows two distinct temperature zones while saving 30% on fuel compared to the market average. Customers are able to precisely manage the temperature and get real-time data on how the unit is running. 

The electric Advancer-e is a fully electric cooling unit that can operate off any power source including the Advancer AxlePower, alternators and inverters as well as Thermo King’s battery EnergyPack. The fully electric system is claimed to reduce a trailer carbon footprint by up to 10 tonnes of CO2 per year.


ThermoKing Advancer Axle Power

Source: A version of this article first appeared in Commercial Motor