New electric powertrain released by Cummins at the IAA Transportation exhibition

Following its recent acquisition of leading axle and transmission manufacturer Meritor, Cummins has used the IAA Transportation exhibition in Hanover to release details of its new electric power train, specifically designed for heavy commercial vehicles. The new Meritor 17Xe ePowertrain will be assembled with a Cummins battery system and is designed for heavy-duty trucks operating to 44 tonnes GCW. The drivetrain will be powered by a new lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery pack, a further addition to Cummins’ battery line-up.



Source: Salter

First fruits from the Cummins takeover of Meritor were seen at IAA Transportation with the launch of the new 17Xe powertrain

Meritor’s Power Control and Accessory System (PCAS) was also displayed in Hanover, reinforcing the company’s position in the emerging heavy duty electric truck sector. PCAS controls speed, acceleration, braking and thermal management maximising performance and overall system efficiency. Its integrated system design also reduces packaging size and integration complexity.  

“We are committed to bringing Cummins and Meritor electrified powertrain solutions to market as quickly as possible. We are moving faster together and are eager to talk about solutions at IAA that will move us all closer to decarbonizing our industry”, said Amy Davis, Vice President and President of New Power at Cummins.