The European Commission has launched a new initiative called the Biomethane Industrial Partnership. The goal is to vastly increase the output of biomethane. Scania is a co-founder and represents the transportation industry in this collaboration.


Biomethane Industrial Partnership

Biomethane is the most scalable and cost-effective renewable gas currently available. However, increasing biomethane production and utilisation need project management and structure, as well as agreement on appropriate regulations. As a result, the European Commission has established the Biomethane Industrial Partnership, a public-private partnership aimed at increasing biomethane production and consumption in the EU to 35 billion cubic metres by 2030.

“To use biomethane is simple, and has great impact. Transport should be top of mind when considering areas of use. With this partnership, Scania wants to contribute to accelerating the production and show the high demand from heavy road transport,” says Stefan Dorski, Head of Trucks, Scania.

 In response to an increasing customer demand, Scania presented two new powerful biogas engines. Gas trucks will contribute to the fulfilment of Scania’s science based targets to reduce the CO2 emissions from our products by 20% overall between 2015 and 2025.