Heating, plumbing and air movement materials supplier TG Lynes is looking at powering its entire fleet on hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) after switching two of its 18-tonne diesel lorries to the alternative fuel.

As reported by Motor Transport, TG Lynes has an operating licence for 15 trucks and offers a daily delivery service to sites across London, the South East, East Anglia and the Midlands,

The company has introduced HVO to its fleet as a cleaner alternative to diesel. The fuel is manufactured from 100% renewable and sustainable waste, including vegetable oil, tallow and used cooking oil.


Andrew Ingram, TG Lynes general manager, said: “We’re delighted to have introduced HVO to these two Euro 6 vehicles in our fleet.

“HVO is much better for the environment than diesel and the projected carbon saving through the course of 2023 is more than 12.5 tonnes.

“To put that into perspective, an average car would emit the same amount of carbon were it to drive 23,000 miles – or once around the world.”

The business has also installed a 10,000 litre HVO tank at its Enfield base for on-site refuelling.

“TG Lynes is committed to achieving the ultimate goal of net zero by making tangible changes across all areas of the business. This move is just one part of that pledge,” Ingram said, adding that the business was considering rolling out HVO across its entire fleet of delivery vehicles throughout 2023, potentially saving 220 tonnes of carbon.

As well as its fleet of HGVs, the company also runs 3.5 tonne vans and an electric bike.

As part of its commitment to cutting emissions the firm’s company vehicles are 95% hybrid or fully electric and the business has its own EV charge points on site.

TG Lynes also has a 110kw solar system installed on the roof of its headquarters, providing more than 50% of the energy required for operations.

Ingram said: “From fuel combustion to being sustainable when purchasing electricity and recycling to choosing ethical suppliers, we are taking decisive action to ensure we are doing everything we can to lower our impact on the environment. Sustainability is not just a buzz word for TG Lynes - it has authenticity.”