Scania has joined forces with Swiss technology company ABB to enhance its electric vehicle charging infrastructure, offering customers a complete EV solution for regional and urban transport. This partnership extends beyond 600kW charging, with plans for the introduction of advanced megawatt charging technology.


Source: Scania

Scania has signed a global framework agreement with Swiss technology group ABB to provide charging infrastructure for its electric vehicles (EVs). This partnership is an extension of their existing collaboration. ABB E-mobility, the subsidiary responsible for EV solutions, will supply Scania with DC fast charging solutions ranging from 24 to 600kW. This agreement comes as Scania expands its lineup of electric trucks for regional and urban transport. By joining forces with ABB, Scania can now offer customers a complete EV package, including vehicles, chargers, services, and software.

Scania will create its network and offer ABB E-mobility’s DC fast charging solutions to its customers. While the Terra 360 charger, capable of charging up to four vehicles simultaneously, is mentioned in the agreement, commercial vehicles are likely to distribute the charging power to one or at most two vehicles at a time.

The collaboration goes beyond 600 kW, with ABB E-mobility and Scania successfully testing a megawatt charging system (MCS) earlier this year. The next version of MCS technology is planned for introduction in late 2024 or early 2025, while Scania intends to provide customers with EV trucks for regional transport equipped with a pre-release version of the standard MCS plug this year, with production starting in 2024.

Both Scania and ABB are involved in the development of the MCS standard as members of the CharIN CCS initiative, which demonstrated the Megawatt Charging System in mid-2022. This partnership allows Scania to benefit from ABB E-mobility’s global reach, local presence, and a broad portfolio of high-quality EV charging solutions and service support.